Keeping Up with the Times


Welcome to our new website!  This is our parlay into the vast and ever-changing world of digital media and social networks.  We often think that websites and social networks are for the younger generation, but fail to realize the benefits of these technologies.

Think about it, if you will.  Do you remember how it was to do business before fax machines were invented?  Or how email revolutionized the way we communicate between one another and across great distances.  Websites and social networks are once again revolutionizing the we communicate, and more importantly engage with one another.  

So, as KIAA dives into this ever changing world, we invite you to dive with us.  Our website will be a repository for all KIAA information and we'll use our Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, & Flickr) for real-time communications.  

We understand if you're still on the fence about these new technologies.  We will continue to send out our information through the traditional methods.  More often than not, technology cannot replace the face-to-face human interaction.  You're still welcome to drop by our office or give us call.  We look forward to serving you!